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Our Thinking

  • 3 steps from technology platform to product:IDO

    Developing new product

    Determine whether the technology platform has business potential? What are the business prospects can met market needs? Evaluate on different concept and creative product, select the best combination.
    Select winning concept, optimize products, packaging, selling points and channels

  • “ Speed Dial Squares“ model -Consumers portrait

    WHO are they?

    “Speed Dial Squares” model help us to get holistic understanding of consumers.Focus on consumers portrait study

    What is their life style?
    What are their need towards category?

  • “ Pyramid“ model – Brand Communication

    “ Pyramid“ model – Brand Communication

    Consumer centered approach, to understand the needs of different consumers(age group/subculture groups).
    Find out brand competitive advantage.
    Recall real scenario of consumer to understand usage occasion/situation.
    To create a detailed business scene to achieve empathy /resonation attract consumer attention.

  • The advantage of WeChat in Qual Research

    How to do Wechat Qual Research

    Supplier recruits consumers

    Same with traditional qualitative study

    Set up We-chat group discussion platform
    Each chatting room has a moderator, 3-4 consumers & Clients (we only listen rather than talk directly with shopper)

    Moderator leads group discussion
    Moderator follow Discussion guide to post question, interactive task; then based on answer to do further prob.

    consumers share voice, photo, video
    consumers is more natural to interact with each other and share shopping tips.