ESOMAR Corporate Membership Information


  • Communication test

    MindsLab help to conduct concept test for Baidu maps to explore the attitude across different tier of consumers in China

  • Amazing moments of breast feeding

    MindsLab conduct research with the brands to rejuvnate is communication strategy towards Chinese moms. The study help to gain insights on the tension and emotions towards breast feeding. To Chinese moms, it is not only amazing momemts with babies but an amazing journey.

  • Low tier consumers U&A studies

    Understand the low tier cities perception and habits towards laundry, Understand consummers' needs and reason behind, Explore the trade-up directions and trend in low tier cities

  • Mckinsey research partner in Greater China

    Develop studies covered various categories: insureance, China middle class understanding, young elite career perspective understanding and etc

  • Luxury travel experience understanding among Chinese elites

    Explore their traveling habits, needs and expectation to design better travel facilities by using multiple new type probeing methods

  • P&G qualified vendor inChina

  • Social media strategy

    Conduct various research for pharmaceutical companies

  • Fashion understanding among Chinese females

    Understand the infromation channel for Chinese young females to receive fashion and beauty infromation. It helps Belle to reposition its brand in Chinese market

  • Brand re-positionin

    MindsLab help to conduct a brand repositioning study for Nestle. It helps the brand to understand the current positioning of one of its snack brand and explore the possibility to upgrade the brand premiumness via product nature alternation and better communication.

  • Starbucks qualified research partner in Greater China

  • TVC test

    MindsLab was appointed to conduct concept test for Yabao, which is a phamarcetical company specilised in pediatrics. Conducted concept labs and flavor test for its newly launch series

  • Chinese Culture Understanding

    MindsLab conducts a qualitative research on Wedding culture understanding fo rthe brand to better promote its wedding candy line. It helps to gather insights from cities across north and south cities. It gains valuable learning about marriage attitude towards new generations.